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    Zimbabwe: Gay Couples Sentence To A Year House Arrest, Faces Death Penalty If They Fail To Give Birth

    The most hilarious news from Zimbabwe as the Court sentences Gay Couples to one-year house arrest.

    The most interesting part is that the court gave the gay couple a death penalty if the gay couples don’t get pregnant

    According to the high court in Zimbabwe, a newly married gay couple has been instructed to be put under house arrest for 12 months.

    The court added that, if after 12 months, they didn’t get pregnant then the gay couples will be sentenced to the death penalty.

    “The natural law is clear. Man was created and given the obligation to procreate. Marriage is the cornerstone and pilar to that noble duty. Our African values protects this natural law, and if we are to bend and allow such, we must first be shown that this new, western culture will uphold the natural law and continue procreation”.

    watch the video below:

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