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    Does Yu Darvish Speak English?

    Does Yu Darvish Speak English

    Yu Darvish has now attracted the attention of many fans of Major League Baseball as he plays for San Diego Padres. He was born in Japan and has been pitched in Major League Baseball (MBL) since 2013.

    Due to his background, many MBL fans have been wondering if speaks English.

    Yes, the Japanese baseball pitcher, Yu Darvish does know how to speak English and has even been speaking the language since he was with the Chicago Cubs in 2019 where he began granting interviews without his interpreter. Some lads on the Cubs team even attested that he started speaking English regularly so that he could connect with his teammates and fans.

    How long has Yu Darvish been speaking the English language?

    Well, it’s unknown when Yu Darvish started speaking English however there are some clips that date back to 2017 which show him speaking English in interviews.

    It’s not the first time a Major League player from countries like Venezuela, Japan, Mexico, or any other non-English speaking countries started speaking English in a struggling state to his coaches and teammates but one thing you should know is it’s very intimidating to play the Major League and not speaking the same language as your teammates.

    However, it took Yu Darvish a few years to feel comfortable speaking English in public as it’s one of the most difficult languages to learn if you’re not familiar with or were born with it.

    How well does speak English?

    If you watch the recent videos of the baseball pitcher you could see that he has come a long way with his English speaking skills. Although he may misuse the English words sighting the context he might be driving at but he has done well in learning the basics and it’s clear that he’s an incredible work

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