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    Young Boy Cries Out As Betting Company Refuses To Pay His Money After Winning For The First Because He’s Underage [Video]

    A young boy has been spotted in a video wailing and grieving after he won a bet for the first time but has no chance of getting the money because of his age.

    The little boy was so heartbroken by the policy said he has been playing sports bets for a long time from 2019 to 2021 but never won until recently when luck decided to smile at him and he won.

    As stated by the boy, he won N50,000 but the betting company is not granting payment because he is underage.

    The distressed young boy explained that all these years he has been losing money, no policy restricted him from playing but now that he has won the company wants to deprive him of his money because of age.

    He said “I’ve been playing Bet since 2019 and I’ve never won, I now won today, I won N50,000 today they are now telling me I’m not up to 18. When I was losing they didn’t know”

    Watch the video below…

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