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    Xandy Karmel warns women that her husband’s ‘joystick will stuck in ‘Vejayjay’ if they open their legs for him

    Ghanaian actress Xandy Karmel has released a new terrible video warning other women to stay away from her estranged husband

    The marriage between Xandy Karmel and King Kaninja has been facing challenges and is even on the verge of collapse

    According to Xandy Karmel, although her husband is no more closer to her again but she is still the wife of King Kaninja

    She added that her husband’s ‘joystick’ will be stuck into the ‘Vejayjay’ of any woman who opens her legs for her husband to enter

    She continued that, if they think that she is lying, they should go and try, and when it happens nothing can be done about it

    Watch the video below:


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