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    Women With Big Backside Are Intelligent And Healthier – Research Reveals

    Research has given hope to women with huge backsides to accept and feel proud of it.

    The University of Oxford has come out with another mind-blowing research, saying women with big backsides and moderate are brilliant and impenetrable to diseases.

    Data shows that over 16,000 women were analyzed for the study, which concluded that big backside and average posterior are capable to produce more hormones for the breakdown of sugar and have lower cholesterol and glucose level unlike women with smaller backsides.

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    According to the lead researcher, Dr. Konstantinos Manolopoulous he indicated that the idea that body fat distribution is important to health and has been known for some time.

    He added that it is only very recently that high fat and large hip circumferences have been shown to promote health; that lower body fat is protective by itself”.

    Source: Docupdates

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