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    Women Doesn’t Respect Their Partners If They Pay Their Bills -Man advises

    Heated argument

    Allegations have been raised on social media about allowing women to pay their bills will give them a chance to disrespect you

    A young man has shared a tweet on his platform indicating that, if you allow your Lady to pay her bill, she will also start to develop some attitudes towards you

    The man was identified as Norboy disclosed that women who pay their bills don’t respect their men

    He continued that, in a relationship, men suppose to provide everything especially paying off bills so that lots of respect will be given to him

    In a situation whereby the woman pays all the bills then that relationship is on the verge of collapse

    NorBoy wrote:  “If she pay all her bills by herself, she ain’t gonna listen and respect you bro”

    Read the tweet below:

    If-She-Pays-All-Her-Bills-By-Herself-She-Will-Not Women Doesn't Respect Their Partners If They Pay Their Bills -Man advises


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