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    Woman Pounding Fufu Under Mallam Junction Overpass Arrested

    A lady accepted to be in her mid-50s has been captured with one more for beating fufu under Mallam Intersection Bridge.

    From all signs, it appeared as though the lady was starting the activity of a scaled-down restaurant at the Mallam intersection bridge.

    She was gotten by officials of the Mallam Intersection Police post.

    This isn’t whenever a capture first has been made for attempting to set up a restaurant under a bridge.

    In the relatively recent past, the More noteworthy Accra Territorial Police Order has affirmed the capture of two people regarding the activity of a smaller than usual restaurant at the recently charged Pokuase exchange.

    In the video, two people beat fufu around evening time so that available customers can purchase it. Close to them in the video seems to show certain individuals belittling the smaller than normal restaurant worked on the asphalt.

    The video has drawn in wide judgment from online media clients, who communicated stress that improvements at the exchange will ruin the foundation and wind up causing blockage it was planned to fix.

    Watch the video below:


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