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    Woman laments as husband takes house she bought while working abroad, marries another lady

    A woman identified as Harriet Makena has shared a sad story of how she lost everything in the US including her husband and children.

    According to Harriet, she left for the United States in August 2000 hoping to live an improved life away from her hometown but things went astray for her.

    Harriet Makena was interviewed by the Kenya Diaspora Media channel on YouTube, she revealed that she hails from Tigania. Meru.

    She disclosed that she was married with two kids and she and her husband left for the US for a conference.

    After spending some time, her husband advised her to stay behind and join a school so his husband left her in the US to take of their children.

    Harriet Makena continued that, she suffered for the first six years, she even extended her visa three times so she rushed into different jobs like babysitting and caring for elderly people.

    She said, “Nilikuwa natuma pesa zengine nyumbani.Tukanunua nyumba Buruburu, tukaanza kulipia nyengine Lavigton…then nikasikia mzee ako na mtoto. Akaniambia mimi nilihamua sitasumbuka hapa afadhali niwe na mama. Nikaamua kuwacha kulipia ile nyumba ya Lavington. (I used to send a lot of cash back home and we (my hubby and I) bought a house in BurBuru. We had started paying for another one in Lavington but after I heard he had sired a child with another woman, I stopped paying,”

    Harriet Makena indicated that she used the money she generate from her business to pay school fees for relatives, children from her community, and her neighbor’s children.

    She was arrested by police for engaging black Americans who were involved in illegal activities which he didn’t even know.

    She voiced out that, “Waliniuliza kama nawajua nikawaambia walikuwa wanaishi hapo (police officers asked me if I knew them but I told them they used to I had rented them my house) but had left. I told them they were my tenants and I was on the FBI’s radar. They claimed I was trying to protect the guys and was finally arrested,”

    Harriet Makena continued that, after her released, she was rearrested by immigration officers for not having papers.

    She was later released after spending about five years in prison and she was later deported to Kenya where she got sick and after getting better she went to Meru to see her family members.

    “Nilikaa ndani almost miaka tano (I was in jail for almost five years). I was released on bond again,” she said.

    Makena’s mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer and she has been taking care of her.

    Makena has lost everything including her house, cars, and even her husband and children and people have been teasing her about her current life but she is strong and nothing can break her.

    In her own words: “I was later released in 2015 and a monitor was put on my leg which stayed for five years. I lost my house and cars after coming back from jail,” she said.

    “There’s no job I could do or go anywhere and used to report at the immigration office every month.”

    “I was arrested three months prior to my deportation and later put on a flight back to Kenya,” Makena recalled.

    Sikujengea my mom kwa sababu aliniambia nisaidie wengine. Nilirudi kwa hio nyumba tuu (I didn’t build my mom a decent house because she asked me to help others and not her. She still lives in a house made of timber and I live there),” she said.



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