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    Woman Captured Spraying Insecticide ‘Spray’ On Meet To Sell In The Market [Video]

    This life has become dangerous nowadays because sometimes we don’t know if what we take into our body is good or bad for our health.

    It is quite hilarious and serious as a woman was seen using insecticide spray to spray on meat just because she wanted to kill any insect that comes around the meat.

    In a video, the mysterious woman was seen using mosquito spray to spray on the meat that she sells in the market.

    The guy who released the video said, he tried questioning them but they ignored him.

    We should be careful about what we buy at the market nowadays because you might not know what has been added to it.

    From the look of things, the woman may be illiterate or ignorant, she doesn’t know the health implementation of what she has been doing.

    Watch the video below:

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