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    Woman arrested for trying to kidnap her stingy husband

    Strange things happen sometimes as a woman has been arrested by the police for planing to kidnap her husband

    Memunat Salaudeen has been arrested by the police command in Ogun State for planning to kidnap her husband

    The reason why she wants to kidnap her husband is that her husband was too stingy so she wants to kidnap him and demand a high amount of money from him

    Memunat Salaudeen hired people to go and do the job but unfortunately, they were arrested by a team of patrol police in the area who saw them on a motorbike and suspected they are going to do bad thing

    According to the police, they found cutlass and a brand new rope so they were separated to ask them questions

    These criminals gave different reasons why they carry cutlass and rope so the police continue to fish out they were hired by Memunat Salandeen to kidnap her husband

    So Memunat Salandeen was arrested and also confirmed that she hired them to go and kidnap her husband so that she can get money from him

    She added that her husband is very stingy, after doing everything for him she doesn’t give her money so she wants to kidnap him and demand a huge amount of money


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