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    Wife stabs husband to death after he caught her chopping another man on their matrimonial bed

    Sorrowfully as a married man was stabbed by her wife after he caught her sleeping with another man in their bedroom

    People are shocked after the news went viral as the man was stabbed by her wife when he met her with another man in their bedroom

    According to reports, the deceased has married two wives so he used to visit them at different times because each of them lives in different apartment

    The man who was identified as Abdulateef visited his first wife and spent the night which he later decided to return to his second wife because he has been hearing rumors that he has been sharing his wife with another man

    The deceased returned around 3 am and he found out that her wife was in bed with another man so he decided to attack the man but he was stabbed twice by her wife to pave way for her lover to run away

    According to hospital reports, the man died as a result of serious injuries, and the wife was saved by the police from being beaten to death by the crowd


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