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    “What’s Ghana police doing” – Sammy Darko challenges police on regulating prophecies

    Ghanaian lawyer cum lecture Sammy Darko has disclosed that the police doesn’t have such power to prosecute posters for making prophecies.

    According to Sammy Darko, police cannot take this as their responsibility by hiding behind the power of arrest to scare pastors.

    The lawyer continued that, the police will break the freedom of expression in the constitution if they arrest any prophet for making prophecies come December 31, 2021.

    In his own words: “You want to use section 76 of Act 775 ( Electronic CommunicationsAct, 2008) as amended and section 208 of Act 29 ( Criminal OffencesAct) as amended to suppress freedom of expression and prophesy?

    “The only weapon you have and you are abusing is the power of arrest after all, even if the person is arrested and you are unable to sustain a charge, you know many Ghanaians will not sue and even if they sue it’s not your pay that will be used to pay for those judgment debts. And this is all because some lawyers and Ghanaians agreed with you when you arrested a pastor? How far with that trial?

    “Let’s not encourage aberrations of laws more particularly on free speech. Even Li2224 was shot down by SC. Law is as important as controlling media content and you want to control what people say. Law on fear and panic is for grave conduct that causes alarm and false communication is for false information that disrupts or affects life-saving services or endangers people and means of transport.

    “Anyway, | just blame our lawmakers and the executive. Section 208 should be amended and or scrapped completely and education made on section 76 of Act 775,” he shared on social media

    Check the post below:

    sammy_darko_police-560x1024 "What's Ghana police doing" - Sammy Darko challenges police on regulating prophecies


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