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    What are SASSA payment dates for 2022?

    SASSA payment dates

    The SASSA payment date for 2022 differs on monthly bases and they are announced by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) at the start of each month. Find below the SASSA payment date for 2022 for each of the social grants which SASSA currently offers residents of South Africa who have submitted an application and are qualified. SASSA has the demanding task of ensuring that payment are deployed appropriately to the right people which involves a significant amount of administration.

    Please keep in mind that you are not required to withdraw the money on the first day. The funds will stay in the account until they are required once they are deposited

    SASSA payment date for 2022: April 2022

    Older Persons Grant – Monday 4 April 

    Disability Grant – Tuesday 5 April 

    Children’s Grants – Wednesday 6 April 

    SASSA payment date for 2022: May 2022

    Older Persons Grant – Tuesday 3 May 

    Disability Grant – Wednesday  4 May

    Children’s Grants – Thursday 5 May 

    SASSA payment date for 2022: June 2022

    Older Persons Grant – Thursday 2 June 

    Disability Grant – Friday 3 June 

    Children’s Grants – Monday 6 June 

    SASSA payment date for 2022: July

    Older Persons Grant – Monday 4 July 

    Disability Grant – Tuesday 5 July 

    Children’s Grants – Wednesday 6 July 

    SASSA payment date for 2022: July

     SASSA payments for July 2022 Grant payments are due on the following dates:

    Monday, July 4, 2022: Senior citizen’s Grant

    Tuesday, July 5, 2022: Grant for Disabilities

    On July 6, 2022, all other grants will be made.

    SASSA payment date for 2022: August

    Tuesday, August 2, 2022: Senior citizen’s Grant

    Wednesday, August 3, 2022: Grant for Disabilities

    August 4, 2022, Thursday: All Other Grants

    SASSA payment date for September 2022

    Older Persons Grant – Friday 2 September 

    Disability Grant – Monday 5 September 

    Children’s Grants – Tuesday 6 September 

    SASSA payment date for October 2022

    Older Persons Grant – Monday 3 October 

    Disability Grant – Tuesday 4 October 

    Children’s Grants – Wednesday 5 October 

    SASSA payment date for November 2022

    Older Persons Grant – Wednesday 2 November 

    Disability Grant – Thursday 3 November 

    Children’s Grants – Friday 4 November

    SASSA payment date for December 2022

    Older Persons Grant – Thursday 1 December 

    Disability Grant – Friday 2 December

    Children’s Grants – Monday 5 December 

    SASSA payment date for January 2023

    Older Persons Grant – Tuesday 3 January 

    Disability Grant – Wednesday 4 January  

    Children’s Grants – Thursday 5 January 

    SASSA payment date for February 2023

    Older Persons Grant – Thursday 2 February 

    Disability Grant – Friday 3 February 

    Children’s Grants – Monday 6 February 

    SASSA payment date for March 2023

    Older Persons Grant – Thursday 2 March 

    Disability Grant – Friday 3 March 

    Children’s Grants – Monday 6 March

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    How to use your SASSA Card for SASSA payment 2022.

    The SASSA card functions like a debit card and may be used to withdraw money as well as make purchases. The SASSA card is accepted at ATMs and stores including Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, Checkers, and others as well as supermarkets.

    It is recommended that everybody getting funds at waypoints create a PIN before collecting their grants in the July 2022 payment. They will subsequently be able to use their SASSA card to withdraw cash from ATMs and grocery stores. Without needing to visit the paypoint on the designated day, funds may be accessible at any time throughout and after the payment. There is no need to withdraw the entire balance at once because the funds will still be on the card. Instead of taking out cash, you might decide to utilize the card to make purchases at supermarkets.

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    What you need to know about SASSA payment

    According to studies, more than one-third of South Africans are dependent on grant payments both directly and indirectly. It has a huge effect on a lot of South African households.

    In South Africa, SASSA is responsible for managing social grants. The SASSA Act of 2004 and its implementing regulations offer a legislative framework for the distribution of seven significant social grants to vulnerable populations in South Africa. They consist of:

    funds for child support

    Grant for foster kids

    Grant for care dependency

    Disability allowance

    Donation in Aid

    Senior citizen’s grant

    Grants for war veterans

    Social assistance for distress

    Grant for social relief of distress Covid-19

    Recall that the Social Relief Distress Aid is a three-month temporary social grant. The Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grants were also given a temporary extension; they now last through March 2023.

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    South African SASSA grant requirements

    The Department of Social Developments of South Africa has provided the following guidelines to help you determine whether you are eligible for SASSA grants:

    • It would be ideal to be a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa.
    • You have to live in South Africa.
    • None of the other social grants are available to you.
    • You might not receive the treatment you require in a federal facility.
    • If you’re single, you’re limited to earning R78 120, and if you’re married, you’re limited to earning R156 240.
    • Your assets cannot surpass R1 115 400 if you’re single and R2 230 800 if you’re married.
    How much is SASSA payment now?

    The SASSA SRD Grant is R350 from the date it is approved. Applicants will be paid from the month in which they apply and there will be no backpay

    How much money is a child grant 2022?

    The Child Support Grant has been increased by 3% hence has moved from R460 to R480

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