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    Western Togoland Secessionist, Papavi Is Dead

    Charles Kormi Kudjordji who is the leader and founder of separatist group Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), well known as Papavi has passed away.

    Papavi who is 87 years old died on Friday that’s October 15, and according to the reporter, he died after a short illness.

    Papavi passed away in the Volta Region hospital after he was admitted for few days.

    According to the Volta Regional Police Commander, they are yet to confirm the death of Papavi.

    Papavi is the one who defended the calls for the separation of the “Western Togoland” from Ghana through his secessionist group.

    Papavi’s group was calling for separation from Ghana to become an independent Western Togoland State.

    From records, Papavi was arrested and charged for betraying the country with some others and was released at his old age.

    This man was finally able to separate the Western Togoland from Ghana after several fruitless attempts and he went to hide.

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