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    Westcol Student Portal: What to know about the platform

    Westcol Student Portal

    Westcol Student Portal

    Westcol is a public institution managed and administered by the Department of Higher Educational Training. The institution can be found in Gauteng’s West Rand and it’s aimed at giving learners a quality education, qualifications, and skills they need for their career.

    Westcol’s main objective is to provide relevant and reachable education, training, and development opportunities through creative bodies that will surely benefit the community, consumers, and the country at large.

    The institution has five campuses across. However, all of them are situated in Westrand, Gauteng.

    • Carletonville; the campus at Carletonville can be found at 20 South Street in Carletonville, South Africa.
    • Randfontein; the campus in Randfontein can be found at 9 Liewiet Street.
    • Westcol Krugersdorp; the campus in Westcol, Krugersdorp is also at Vin Brandis Street in Krugersdorp.
    • West Magaliesburg; the campus at this place is located on Strand 2, Dr. Showman Street, Magaliesburg and Ga Mohale.

    About Westcol College

    Westcol College is a public FET college that provides courses and certificates in many fields such as;

    • Hairdressing
    • Engineering
    • Business administration
    • Tourism

    Westcol is managed by The Department of Higher Education and Training College. In relation to our new partnership, Westcol TVET College now gives a variety of National Certificates in Business and Engineer to give children and anyone quality and firm education.

    Exams Centers may, however, choose to accommodate learners from a variety of fields.

    Is WestCol College A Public Or A Private Institution?

    Westcol offers an environment where students can get access to quality and relevant knowledge in their education, development opportunities, training and skills.

    Why You Should Use The Westcol Student Portal? 

    A student who partakes in an online certification program can utilize a student portal to have access to online course materials saved on the portal’s server.

    • Articles
    • Lectures
    • Videos

    The portal contains information about the other campuses, events, information about your course, semester calendars, academic resources, and contact information.

    The Westcol TVET College student portal can be merged into other systems to provide learners with a convenient and relaxing educational environment. One can use the student portal for these;

    • Checking your semester result;
    • Viewing your Westcol Tvet College Admission status and printing your admission letter;
    • Westcol TVET College Course Registration;
    • Westcol TVET College Fees Payment;
    • Paying the acceptance fee
    • Viewing a transcript from Westcol Tvet College;
    • Keeping up with the academic calendar for the year as well as your semester;
    • Extra credit hour requests; admissions deferment, and among others.

    Who Can Access The Westcol TVET College Student Portal? 

    The Westcol TVET College is relatively available to all students. Check the following out!

    • Students who want to attend
    • First-year students
    • Returning and or Continuing Students
    • Teachers/lecturers/tutors who want to send information to students can do so through the platform.

    How To Log In To Westcol TVET College Student Portal 

    • Go to:
    • Enter your username and correct password to gain access to the portal.
    • Once you log in, every academic activity will be available to you.

    How Can A Student Login To The Portal For Westcol TVET College?

    • Go to for more information.
    • Enter the correct username and correct password to gain access to the student’s portal.

    Westcol TVET Student Portal Login Troubleshoots

    • Turn off Caps Lock
    • Clear your cookies and cache.
    • Before you do anything, enter your student portal again, and be sure your internet connection is active and your device is connected.
    • Use a VPN only when necessary.

    Can You Reset And Change Your Password?

    Yes! All users of this portal can easily reset or change their password if they have unintentionally forgotten at home.

    After you entered your email address or your username, you can now simply have good jobs for you here.

    How To Reset Your Password

    • Go to the institution’s portal.
    • Input your student ID number.
    • Click on “Request A PIN” in the next option given to you.
    • The PIN will be sent to your student email address.
    • To access your email, use your student number as the username and your date of birth as the password; simple!
    • Go back to the portal and use the PIN you received in your email to log in to your account.

    Westcol Contact Details 

    Street Address: 42 Johnstone Street, RANDFONTEIN

    Postal Address: P/Bag X17, RANDFONTEIN 1760

    Telephone Number: 011 692 4004/82

    Fax: 011 692 3404


    GPS: -26.170438,27.709113

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