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    “We’re suffering because of selfish leaders” – Kwaisey Pee

    Ghanaian highlife sensational singer Kwasi Poku Addae, famously known as Kwaisey Pee has shared his idea on how Ghanaians are suffering from bad leadership.

    Kwaisey Pee revealed that he is a British citizen and he can get support from the British government any time he is in need.

    He voiced out that, “Assit here I’m a citizen of Ghana and British so if I’m to go hungry I can pick my other passport and leave the hungry town and even ask the British government to feed me”.

    Kwaisey Pee was interviewed by Agyemang Prempeh on Power Entertainment on Power 97.9zFM and he continued to compare the western government to Ghana’s own.

    He said, “In Ghana, the government wouldn’t want to feed me .. how many people are fed by the government of Ghana. In Ghana, the government knows that people are living in poverty but how many people has he decided to help but when you go to Europe or even in the USA or any part of the western world if you don’t have a job they make sure you are been catered for, the government sorts your bills and kids school fees so everything you need whiles you don’t have a job the government takes care of it but Ghana which government would want to carter for that. They even want yours”

    The musician indicated that Ghanaians are suffering from selfish leaders though the country has been blessed with lots of human resources.

    He said, “We leave in a continent or planet where we have everything but we are struggling because the leaders are not putting things in place. You see the fact is we are selfish period”


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