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    Virginia Fields: Who is John Madden’s wife?

    Virginia Fields Madden

    John Madden is a well-known former FOX, ABC, and CBS NFL commentator and broadcaster. Madden is also a former player and coach in football.

    Along with his NFL accomplishments, John donated his surname to the Madden NFL video game franchise, which became a cultural phenomenon.

    John Madden, one of the most recognizable figures in NFL history, has been married to Virginia Fields for more than half a century. John and his long-term partner, Virginia Fields, have two boys who are also athletes.

    John-Madden-family Virginia Fields: Who is John Madden's wife?

    Madden’s family

    Who Is John Madden’s Wife Virginia Fields?

    On December 26, 1959, former coach John Madden exchanged wedding vows with Virginia Field. Their wedding took held within Santa Maria’s St. Mary of the Assumption Church.

    They first met at a pub in Pismo Beach, California, according to accounts.

    Although nothing is known about Virginia’s job, it is thought that she was in charge of the family’s different antiquities.

    Virginia Madden, John Madden’s wife, is the axis around which the Madden home revolves. She looks after all of John’s and the Madden family’s basic needs. Apart from various antiques, Virginia has safeguarded one of John’s most important presents from his pals, a highway YIELD sign. Ted Hendricks, a three-time All-America linebacker, presented it to John as a retirement gift.

    Celebrity marriages often end in divorce. Despite this, John Madden and Virginia Fields, like Virginia Madden, have endured. Obviously, like other prominent figures, John maintained a hectic schedule during and even after his sporting career. However, it is unlikely to cause problems in his love relationship, since he and his wife are well-versed in overcoming obstacles.

    Among those objects, according to reports, was a highway YIELD sign that Ted Hendricks, the three-time All-America linebacker, presented to Madden upon his retirement.

    Additionally, the couple shared two children, Joseph and Michael, whom they raised in Pleasanton, California.

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    Virginia Fields Job

    The Madden family has a long history of teaching. John Madden and Virginia Fields Both began their careers as educators. Although her husband, broadcaster John Madden, achieved fame for different endeavours, their ideas about education and personal accountability surely had a significant impact. For decades, the family resided in the Tri-Valley Area.

    Whereas Virginia Fields served as one of Vascular Cures’ 11 board members until at least 2012.

    Additionally, Virginia Madden began suffering dizzy episodes at the age of 46, according to a 2017 YouTube video by Vascular Cures. She presented the symptoms to her family physician, who suggested that she could have a clogged artery.
    Her doctor was aware that she need surgery, but not until John consented.

    Her Doctor was aware that she need surgery, but before John consented, he inquired about the doctor’s win-loss record. Fortunately, everything was satisfactory. Virginia has been “back in the game” since the operation, leading a happy, healthy life. The prospect of being a stroke sufferer terrified her.

    Additionally, Vascular Cures is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to a healthy vascular system – the vital highways of the body that carry each breath and pulse. They devoted their lives to alleviating the suffering, impairment, and mortality caused by these all-too-common illnesses. It is the only national not-for-profit organization that represents millions of people with vascular diseases other than the heart.

    Is Virginia Fields on Facebook, Instagram?

    No, Virginia Fields is not on Facebook as well as Instagram

    Related Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where Is Virginia Fields From

    Virginia Fields lived in Pleasanton at least since 1967

    • How Tall Is Virginia Feilds?

    Talking about her height, Virginia should be about 5 feet 8 inches tall.

    • Wher Did Virginia Fields Get Her Education

    Virginia Feilds enrolled at California Polytechnic University where she earned her master’s degree.

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