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    Two young girls clash with their boyfriend after discovering he’s dating both of them (Video)

    After discovering that the same man was illegally dating both of them, two adolescent females decided to confront him about it.

    In a video shared on social media, the females, who are claimed to be friends, can be seen brawling with the guy, who also puts up a good fight.

    According to a Facebook user who revealed the scenario, the adolescent male went to see one of the girls at her house, unaware that the other girl was with her.

    As soon as he spotted both of them, he realized he was being played and attempted to run, but they held him back and pounced on him as the situation developed into a fight.

    After one of the females informed her family about her boyfriend’s unfaithful methods, they joined forces to pound him when they spotted him striking both companions.

    Watch the video below…

    Source: Docupdates

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