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    Victoria Digiorgio Wiki, Age, Bio, All Facts About John Gotti’s Wife

    Victoria Digiorgio
    Victoria Digiorgio

    Victoria Digiorgio is known as an ex-mob wife, John Gotti who was the leader of the most notorious crime family, The Gambino in New York. She was just a teenager living in a big city before she met John.

    She attained fame in her teenage years when she married the crime ring boss but despite knowing the lifestyle of her husband she never reported it until his deeds got hold of him.

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    Victoria Digiorgio

    Victoria Digiorgio profile

    Full NameVictoria Digiorgio
    Age79 (as of 2022)
    Date of BirthDecember 5th, 1942
    Place of BirthBrooklyn, New York, USA
    EthnicityItalian, Russian/Jewish
    Zodiac SignSagittarius
    HusbandJohn Gotti
    Net Worth$2 Million

    Victoria Digiorgio biography

    Victoria Digiorgio made her way into the world on December 5th, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America and as of 2022, she is 79 years old.

    She holds American nationality and has Italian ancestry from his father while she got her Jewish and Russian heritage from her mother.

    Victoria Digiorgio was just two years old when his parents divorced and this made her inherit $1 million.

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    Victoria Digiorgio height

    When it comes to her physical appearance, she stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 60 kg. She has brown eyes color and blonde hair.

    Victoria Digiorgio career

    Well, Victoria Digiorgio is now an entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses but while she was married to her late husband, John Gotti she was a homemaker.

    Who is John Gotti’s wife?

    American crime boss, John Joseph Gotti was married to Victoria Digiorgio. He headed the most notorious crime family, The Gambino in New York City on December 16th, 1985 as he took over the criminal organization after ending the life of the previous leader known as Paul Castellano in a gunfight.

    The love story between John Gotti and his wife, Victoria Digiorgio started in 1958 when they met at a bar and they dated for four years before getting married on March 6th, 1962.

    In 1961, the couple welcomed their first daughter in 1961 before settling down as a couple. During the course of their marriage, they had a total of five children namely John A., Peter J. Gotti, Victoria, Frank, and Angel but unfortunately, Frank Gotti died in March 1980 when he was 12 years old.

    Frank was involved in an accident as he was hit by a drunk driver who was their neighbor called John Favara in a terrible accident while riding his mini bike on their street.

    The accident affected Victoria Digiorgio to the extent that she was depressed and even bedridden for a year. John Favara also disappeared four months after Frank’s death and many people assumed John Gotti had a hand in his disappearance as he was last seen on July 28th, 1980.

    John Gotti death

    John Gotti’s reign ended in 1990 as he was arrested and sentenced in 1992 however he succeeded in introducing their son, John Jr. into the crime life in 1988 which Victoria Digiorgio was devastated because she had no knowledge about it so the son took his father’s position when he went to jail.

    The son, John Jr was also arrested in 1998 for gambling and extortion but got released in 2009 as his mother put in much effort to get him out of jail but was later arrested in 2013 for not cooperating with the police.

    Strangers injured John Jr. at the CVS Pharmacy parking lot while trying to stop them from fighting hence while driving to Long Island hospital for medical attention the police arrested him and was released the next day.

    Meanwhile, John Gotti died of cancer on June 10th, 2020 while serving a life sentence. Poverty led him into crime at the age of 14 years and was the fifth child out of thirteen children in his Italian-American family.

    Is Victoria Digiorgio still alive or dead?

    Many people have been searching for the cause of Victoria Digiorgio’s death but it doesn’t exist because she’s still alive.

    She was reported to have had serious health issues over the years including stroke, and heart attack but she’s still alive and currently doing well.

    Where is Victoria Digiorgio now?

    Victoria Digiorgio is now a businesswoman who runs a number of businesses but lives her life away from the public and she’s now a grandmother and great grandma.

    Victoria Digiorgio’s net worth

    The wife of John Gotti has earned fortunes for herself and has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

    People Also Ask

    What nationality is John Gotti’s wife?

    Victoria Digiorgio’s father was of Italian descent, and her mother was of half Italian and half Russian ancestry.

    Why is the Gotti mansion abandoned?

    The Gotti family had lived in the Westbury mansion for about 30 years but they moved out after federal agents visited the mansion and the family’s auto parts business for alleged tax fraud

    Is Victoria Gotti still married?

    No, Victoria Digiorgio is not married after she filed for divorce and constructive abandonment after John Gotti was sentenced

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