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    Use Your Position For People’s Benefit Like I Do When God Bless You – Bawumia

    The Vice-president of Ghana, Mahamudu Bawumia has counseled fellow leaders to help other peoples with the power and position given to them

    According to him, political leaders has their positions because of God’s grace so they have to allow themselves so that God can use them to bless other peoples

    Vice-president Bawumia made this declaration during the celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W which was held in Accra.

    The celebration was on Saturday and Dr. Bawumia made this statement whiles addressing lots of Muslims at the 2021 National Chief Imam’s Maulid

    “The National Chief Imam always says that when Allah bestows His grace on you, be thankful to Him and let the people also benefit from the grace,” Dr. Bawumia said.

    He added, “For us political leaders, the position we hold is by the grace of God, which should not be for our interest. So when we have this position, it has to be for the good of the people; everybody, especially the vulnerable, women, men and the poor.

    “As a leader, the people will always ask you; what did you do for us with the position? We have to work and do the right thing so that the people will benefit.”


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