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    Use gong gongs and talking drums if you don’t want your sims registered – NCA lawyer rips critics

    Dr. Poku Adusei, Director of Legal Services at the National Communication Authority (NCA), has vented his rage at a gathering opposing the country’s sim card registration.

    According to him, the organization known as Concerned Mobile Network Subscribers has no grounds for their refusal to register for sim cards.

    Dr. Poku Adusei implored the group in a series of social media postings to revert to more traditional modes of communication, such as the “gong gong” and talking drum if their SIM cards are not re-registered by the March 31st deadline.

    “I shiver when individuals talk as if they are familiar with all of Ghana’s laws!” To put it mildly claims that there is no legislation requiring SIM cards to be registered or reregistered are bullshit. Which statute did their initial SIM cards fall under? Or did they purchase pre-registered SIM cards? Even pre-registered SIM cards are registered in the name of an individual. Re-re…means that there was a law governing the first re-. This nation has far too many luminaries and ‘agendapreneurs.’ Concerned individuals should study L.I. 2006, L.I. 2111, and E.I. 63 and then return!!!

    “We hope that they will continue to utilize the fax, telegraph, gong-gong, and talking drum in the future. Permission to subscribe to SIMs on your own becomes an unchecked absolute property right? Dr. Poku Adusei said on his Facebook page, “Asinine.”

    Concerned Mobile Network Subscribers, in a press release dated January 13, 2022, urged Ghanaians to abstain from making or receiving calls on February 8, 2022, in protest of the “present cruel procedure of SIM card re-registration.”
    Additionally, it said that there was no legislation supporting the NCA’s decision to require all SIM cards to be re-registered.

    “We, the undersigned Concerned Mobile Network Subscribers, have designated Tuesday, February 8, 2022, as a “No Calls Day,” after consultation with Ghanaians around the nation. On that day, we are urging all Ghanaians to abstain from making or receiving phone calls to express our outrage at the circus surrounding the SIM card re-registration procedure.

    “The 8th February No Calls Day boycott would be the first in a series of nationwide boycotts in protest of the existing harsh procedure of SIM card reregistration. In Ghana, there is no regulation requiring mobile network users to “Re-register” their SIM cards. Any effort to impose this on subscribers or to block their lines would constitute a violation of their property rights,” according to a section of the statement.

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