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    Unemployed KNUST Graduate claims they Graduated With Speaking Of Tongues Not Skills

    A Twitter client @missyrebby has communicated how understudies of KNUST focus on religion all day, every day nearby overtraining which ought to be the point of convergence of the students.

    In a progression of tweets, the Twitter client whom we are told she finished KNUST and was a petition hero in those days said the stronghold is a science and innovation school and not a theological college.

    “The center culture and focal point of the school ought to be on training, not religion. To come out talking tongues and without abilities is an outright unmitigated debacle. KNUST is a college of science and innovation and not a theological school”.

    As indicated by her, the principle point of KNUST is training and not religion. Be that as it may, understudies were more genuine with religion and not instruction and focus on tongues as opposed to figuring out how to draw a field-tested strategy.

    She said understudies incline toward Paa Joe (a position of supplication) more than the Huawei Lab. She moaned about that now they have finished in any case, they can’t compose strategies yet can talk tongues.

    “The primary point of KNUST is an instruction, not religion. You can emerge from KNUST with Christ, there is nothing off about that. You MUST not come out without abilities. Assuming that occurs, the whole undertaking of KNUST is lost. Religion and schooling are not polar in nature.

    In KNUST we were more genuine with regards to religion than learning. Intellecto > Science Fair. Paa Joe was the spot, not the Huawei Lab. Your way of life and center will decide your course. Presently we have completed school and can talk in tongues yet can’t compose field-tested strategies.”

    To add up, she proceeded to say that, she was considering how long of fasting will be required when the money serve said understudies are to make their own positions.

    “We have Christ and no abilities. At the point when the money serve said we ought to make our own positions I was thinking about how long of fasting would be expected. smh”.

    Look at the tweet underneath:


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