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    Two Ghanaian Lesbians Takes Over Night Club As They Do Their Thing In Front Of Public

    Two Ghanaian lesbians decided to forget whatever is going in the country as they were spotted making love in public

    A hot video has been trending on social as two lesbians were spotted at a nightclub making love in front of everyone

    Meanwhile, the LGBTQ+ bill has been sent to the Parliament by Sam George and other MP’s which stated that LGBTQ+ and its related activities should be criminalized

    This LGBTQ+ bill is still under process whether to criminalize or legalize

    Some homosexuals in Ghana is now coming out of their secret activities as if they haven’t heard what has going on in the country

    These unknown two lesbians were seen in a video exchanging kisses, locking lips which seems they want to have s3x there

    Watch the video below:

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