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    TT blames mum for his suffering, says she sent him to a juju man when he was a child

    One further unsubstantiated accusation against his own mother has been made by TT, who has maintained and projected a never-ending begging mentality on the internet for years.

    According to the seasoned actor, his mother is a contributing factor to his present difficulties. His mother introduced him at a shrine when he was a child, and he feels that this paganic deed on her part is the reason he is experiencing financial difficulties.

    In an interview for a yet-to-be-released lifestyle program titled “Changes” on Joy Prime TV, Psalm Adjeteyfio made this startling disclosure.

    Just a few days ago, the famous Ghanaian actor did apologize to Ayisha Modi for ‘lying’ about the amount of contribution she gave him when he came out to seek aid some months earlier.

    As a result of his lack of preparedness for the interview, TT claims that Ayisha Modi handed him GHC 500 instead of Ghc 6000 and that he thus missed his numbers.

    During an interview with Ola Micheal, he expressed his unconditional regret to Aysiah Modi and Gh Mouth Piece.

    Source: Docupdates

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