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    Trotro Drivers Cry Out As They Claim They’re Losing Their Wives Over Fuel Increment

    News has dropped in as the drivers in the Central Region claims that the government should do something about the recent increment in flues.

    According to the drivers, this fuels increment has been affecting their marriage seriously so the government should come to their aid.

    Drivers from the central region especially from Mankessim and Mfanseman Municipals voiced this news on Ghana Feed that they are losing their wife’s because they can’t provide financially.

    It was recently reported by the National Petroleum Authority that fuels prices in the country may surge close to CH¢ 6.86 per litre at the pumps and if there are no other factors to cause Change it will remain there.

    From Abass Ibrahim Tasunti who is the Head of Pricing window for October has moved the price of petrol to GH¢ 6.84 per litre and diesel also will sell at GH¢ 6.86 per litre commencing from October 16, 2021.

    He stated on Cities TV’s The Point of View that, “All things being equal, for the next window, [since] the price of petrol on the world market has increased by about 9% and diesel has increased by about 10%, so these two, holding everything constant will project that petrol will increase by about 5% and diesel also increase around the same figure which will take us to about GH¢6.84 for petrol and GH¢6.86 for diesel… This is the next window, which starts from the 16th of October,”

    According to the drivers, this increment of fuels has been tearing their marriage apart because they cannot provide for their family, only the buying of the fuel will consume much of their money so in the end they are left with small money to send it home.

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