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    Robert Noah: All Facts You Need To Know About The Father Of Trevor Noah

    Robert Noah

    Robert mo Noah

    Robert-Noah Robert Noah: All Facts You Need To Know About The Father Of Trevor Noah

    Robert Noah is the father of popular South African Comedian, Political commentator, actor, producer, director, and television host, Trevor Noah. Robert was a foreigner living in South Africa during the heat of the Apartheid.

    He was one of the few unique foreigners who lived in South Africa during this period and in the course of reading this article, you will find out what made him stand out and a couple of more amazing facts about Robert Noah.

    Early life Robert Noah

    42992303_130992849039 Robert Noah: All Facts You Need To Know About The Father Of Trevor Noah

    Robert was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and grew up in Soweto. He was the

    youngest of three children.

    Trevor Noah, father of Robert Noah was a South African comedian, television host,

    producer, writer, political commentator, and actor.

    Robert Noah is an American comedian, writer, and television host. He has been a comedian since the year 1980s. In his comedy, he talks about religion, pop culture, and politics. In 1988 he became a writer for Saturday Night Live. His primary comic style is observational humor with a strong emphasis on satire.

    Apart from being a comedian like his son, he is also a great chef who opened his first restaurant in Johannesburg during apartheid just to prepare food for black people. During his days as a chef, he had issues with the whites that cost him his job.

    He is one of the people who are against racism in the world and this can be seen with his job as a chef.


    Robert Noah’s career

    Robert opened the first integrated restaurants in Johannesburg during apartheid through a special license to serve black people. The licenses were distributed by the government out of necessity. The establishment of the restaurant was a success. But some white people petitioned to have Robert’s restaurant shut down. At first, the inspectors tried to shut down the restaurant for health violations, but Robert, like most Swiss-Germans, was anything but unclean. They used an alternative means by mandating him to have a separate toilet for each race of patron. It was an impossible task, and Robert wouldn’t comply but he eventually closed down the restaurant

    The most about Robert Noah known to the public and even his Son was that he was a chef in Canada and New York. This information put alongside his line of business in Johannesburg as of the time he met Trevor’s mum suggests that he was indeed a chef and a renowned one at that because he traveled a lot too.


    Robert Noah wife

    1df561412280d501 Robert Noah: All Facts You Need To Know About The Father Of Trevor Noah

    Robert Noah is married to Patricia Nombuyiselo. The love birds met when Robert went to South Africa to market his business. He was 46 years when he married his wife who was only 24 years. They welcome their first son Trevor Noah on 20th February 1984.

    Robert Noah’s son became very popular with his talent and skills in acting and writing

    Robert Noah marital status


    Robert met Patricia, the mother of his son in the apartment building where they lived. Patricia, a colored woman was not permitted to rent a house in that neighborhood. However, she defied the law and stubbornly rented an apartment there.

    The result of this action would usually be a report to the authorities and possibly, an eventual jail term.  Robert knew this, alongside his other neighbors but nobody reported her and they all covered her up.

    Robert Noah and the mother of his son, Patricia never got married. In fact, it’s quite uncertain if they had as much as a romantic relationship. They had Trevor from the insistence of Patricia. Although Robert did not want to have a child and Patricia wasn’t interested in getting married. Robert eventually gave in to Patricia’s proposition and got her pregnant out of wedlock. On the 20th of February 1984, Patricia gave birth to Trevor.

    images-16 Robert Noah: All Facts You Need To Know About The Father Of Trevor Noah

    Trevor Noah’s parents, divorced?

    Note that Trevor’s parents had him out of wedlock at the request of his mother. They did not get married as Trevor’s mother got married again later in her life. However, Trevor’s abusive step-father (Patricia’s current husband) shot her in the head. She, fortunately, survived as the bullet went through the back through her nose.

    Trevor Noah siblings

    maxresdefault-1 Robert Noah: All Facts You Need To Know About The Father Of Trevor Noah

    From valid sources, we know that apart from Trevor, Patricia and Robert had no other child together. But then Patricia does have other children from her formal marriage, which was reported to be abusive.

    Trevor actually has two step-brothers who are Andrew and Isaac Shingange. Their parents were Patricia Noah and Ngisaveni Abel Shingange, this is when they got married in Johannesburg.

    Robert Noah’s Separation From His Son Trevor Noah

    Robert was unable to meet his son in normal circumstances because the authorities

    would jail them. In the 1980s, racism was at its peak. As per the sources, Robert met

    Trevor on Sundays only and they go to the restaurants to eat Trevor’s favorite dish.

    Later, Robert moved to Cape Town, South Africa from Johannesburg.

    Due to this, they did not meet for around 7 years. Trevor Noah thought that his father didn’t love him which is why he did not meet him. When Trevor met his father Robert after 7 years, he came to know that his dad loves him more than anyone else. Robert Noah has kept all the cutouts of news, in which Trevor Noah has appeared.

    Robert Noah As A Father

    images-15-2 Robert Noah: All Facts You Need To Know About The Father Of Trevor Noah

    After Apartheid ended and Robert was now free to see his son without fear, he moved to Yeoville which was a newly segregated area and so could afford to take Noah out to the park and play with him as there were kids from other races at the park too and it was allowed.

    Robert Noah and his son began to spend weekends and most holidays together and it was a blissful experience for Noah at the time. However, Noah remembers his dad to be a man of few words. He rarely spoke and would mostly listen, watch and pay attention. Robert was however a great father and very affectionate to Trevor.

    He Lost Touch With Trevor

    When Trevor was 13 years old, he lost touch with his father. The reasons for this range from the fact that Trevor probably got to that teenage stage in his life of wanting to be away from his parents.

    There is also the fact that Patricia got married to an overtly jealous and abusive husband who wasn’t comfortable with his wife going to see the father of her son.

    As a result of these, Trevor’s visits to his dad’s became less frequent, and eventually, Robert moved to Cape Town. At the time, Trevor was busy growing up to even bother about his dad’s move to Cape Town.

    Robert Noah Kept Track Of His Son’s Journey To Stardom

    After about 10 years of losing touch with his dad, Patricia encouraged Trevor to search for his dad. Trevor did all he could do but it was proving to be an impossible mission until he finally convinced the Swiss embassy and was able to locate Robert.

    Their reconnection revealed that contrary to what Trevor thought about his dad not loving or caring about him, Robert actually did as he showed him a scrapbook he kept of every published feat of Trevor over the years. This act reassured Trevor of his dad’s love for him.

    Who is Robert Noah’s Son Trevor Noah?

    Trevor-Noah_CAA-Speakers_Photo-Credit-Gavin-Bond Robert Noah: All Facts You Need To Know About The Father Of Trevor Noah

    Robert has not revealed anything about his past relationship except PatriciaNombuyiselo. Patricia and Robert welcomed their son on 20 February 1984. They named him Trevor Noah. Trevor is a well-recognized actor, television presenter, comedian, host, and writer from South Africa.

    He rose to fame for his amazing acting skills and pitching tone. Most of his jokes are

    relatable and people liked them a lot. Moreover, he has also featured in South African

    Broadcasting Corporation, Strictly Come Dancing, The Daily Show, and other comedy

    shows. Let me tell you that he has also written a book named ‘Born a Crime’ which is

    based on his real-life events.


    Robert Noah Net worth

    Robert Noah’s net worth 2021 is estimated to be $2million and this he earns from cooking

    and from his comedy shows.














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