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They are smuggling charcoal out of Ghana – Apaak


They are smuggling charcoal out of Ghana – Apaak

Ghanaian politician who is also MP for Builsa South constituency Clement Abas Apaak has disclosed that the end product of burnt wood which is well known as charcoal is being smuggled out of the country

Dr. Apaak voiced out that charcoal can be used as fuel in peoples houses and also used as medicine so it has become very relevant

He continued that, because it has become very important, people have started smuggling out of the country to other countries

“When you see those trucks between Tamale and Kintampo, Kumasi, they are not bringing that charcoal for you and I to go and prepare tea, the charcoal is being smuggled out of the country. Once charcoal has gained another use and it is a product of timber, you know what is going to happen,” Dr. Apaak portended on the New Day.

Dr. Paak reveals that people have been cutting down lots of trees from the forest which will endanger the environment

When the presentation of the budget was in process, Dr. Paak indicated that he hopes the things in the budget will go well for the people especially people in his constituency

“Some of the issues people are talking about, my constituents, Ghanaians have to do with the increase in fuel prices and how that affects other aspects of human, social endeavors. You and I know that once it affects fuel prices, it affects transport prices, it is bound to affect food prices and almost every other service around that,” he said.

He said he worries about the budget if is going to reduce the many taxes on fuels so that drivers can work with a free mind


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