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    The Watcher true story: Who are Derek and Maria Broaddus? Where are they now?

    the watcher house

    The Watcher, the streamer’s most admired project on Netflix, retells the true story of a couple who moved into their dream home only for the situation to turn into a nightmare when they start receiving a string of threatening letters from an anonymous “Watcher,” and it’s another tale that will probably make your skin crawl.

    The Watcher television series is based on Derek and Maria Broaddus. The Netflix adaptation, which was created by Ryan Murphy of the aforementioned Dahmer series, follows Dean and Nora Brannock. However, what exactly happened to them and where are they now?


    The Watcher

    The Cut article written by Reeves Wiedeman is solely based on true events and generally served as the series’ inspiration after release. It tells the story of Dean and Nora Brannock, fictionalized versions of Derek and Maria Broaddus, who have just moved into their dream house at 657 Boulevard, New Jersey, Westfield United States of America.

    But soon after settling in the house, the Brannocks realize that the peaceful neighbourhood may not be as welcoming as they had imagined because their eccentric and nosy neighbours start making them feel unwelcomed into their own home.

    When the family starts to receive threatening letters from an unknown person identifying themselves as “The Watcher,” the situation takes a terrifying turn for the worse and they start to fear for their safety.


    The Watcher True Story

    The Watcher is based on a real story that Reeves Wiedeman wrote about in his 2018 New York Magazine article, “The Haunting of a Dream House.” The story describes how Maria and Derek Broaddus, who live close to Maria’s childhood home, bought their ideal house in June 2014. The Broaddus started getting letters from the Watcher shortly after closing.

    The first letter they received was cordial and welcomed them to the vicinity. Later letters, however, became more antagonistic and centred on the family’s three young children. The Broaddus family sought the assistance of the local police to identify the sender of the threatening letters because they felt threatened.


    The Watcher House 

    The actual location of house where the television series, The Watcher was shot is located at Westfield in New Jersey, at 657 Boulevard, United States of America. The house is also recorded to bear the same house address. New York is also the place where the shooting of the television series was done.


    Derek And Maria Broaddus

    Derek and Maria Broaddus were just ordinary parents when they purchased their 6-bedroom house in Westfield, New Jersey, United States of America for about $1.3million in June, 2014. They have now become the talk of the town after they got featured in the television series, The Watcher which is based on a true story.

    Maria Broaddus

    Maria is the wife of Derek Broaddus, a popular American actor and television personality. Both parents became so much famous after they got featured in The Watcher television series.

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