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    “Talking too much in bedroom causes conflicts” – Counsellor Lutterodt

    Ghanaian controversial marriage counsellor Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt, widely known as Counsellor Lutterodt has advised Ghanaians that too many talks in the bedroom don’t fix marital issues.

    According to the Counsellor, married couples should find more effective ways to solve their problems.

    He made this statement at the just ended Orgasm Conference 2022 which was held on Christmas Day at Bays Lodge.

    In his own words: “We used to say what works for Adwoa in bed might not work for Cynthia in bed but every woman has a clit. It comes to a time when the clit is dead. All ‘m doing for you is for you to understand the causes of conflicts and plenty of talking in the bedroom is one of the conflicts that we are fighting

    “There are issues that we have to discuss but honestly speaking are not needed here. So if you have the sitting room and we have the bedroom or what we call the chamber. Why do we use the chamber time to discuss things that are not there? That is one issue that causes conflicts”, he said

    “When you talk, the man will tell you that you don’t get him, the only time you get him is when you want him to sleep with you. Do you get that?

    “The conflicts in the chamber mean when it comes to communication there are the verbal, the non-verbal and the written and conflict meant for the chamber shouldn’t be brought to the bedroom,” he said.

    * When you talk, the man will tell you that you don’t get him, the only time you get him is when you want him to sleep with you. Do you get that?

    “The conflicts in the chamber mean when it comes to communication there are the verbal, the non-verbal and the written and conflict meant for the chamber shouldn’t be brought to the bedroom,” he educated.

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