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    Sydney Talker launches his own music record label Nevile Records, makes first signing

    Sydney Talker just started his own record label, Nevile Records, and has already signed his first artist, Khaid.

    Sydney Talker, a popular Nigerian comedian, announced the formation of his record company, Nevile Records, via an Instagram post on January 20, 2022.

    “Finally, the time has arrived to courageously welcome the birth of a dream I’ve had for many years,” he wrote. Carrying and nourishing this dream has not been simple.

    We are completely committed to music. I have fought the good fight of faith, conquered my fears, and learned from the forefathers of industry.

    Honourable gentlemen and ladies, I would like to introduce you to Nevile Records @nevillerecords (The New Town)

    My journey into music and the need to express my deepest aspirations freely spurred the establishment of NEVILLE RECORDS, which will serve as the formal structure through which I will convey the music within me without affecting the towel guy.”

    Additionally, he introduced his first artist, Khaid. “On this point, I am pleased to introduce the first talent, under the auspices of Neville Records and its board of directors.” @khaidxr

    Beyond the delight of seeing a dream come true, there is the cumulative joy of seeing another dream come true-Kaid.

    Source: Docupdates

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