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    Stripp£rs captured praying in tongues before resuming work [video]

    It has become paramount that every individual has to pray before going to work and now regardless of the work being good or bad people still have to pray.

    A group of stripp£rs has been videoed praying to God to bless their work as they step out to work despite their deeds might go against the lord’s words.

    The video has stirred reactions on social media as people find it amusing to see stripp£rs calling on God to bless them while they hit the club to s£duce men for money.

    In the video that has surfaced online and sighted by Docupdates, the three held their hands and prayed ahead of their duty and the prayer session was being led by one of them wearing a red wig.

    During the prayer, the leader prayed for them that God should help them have a successful work with their clients so they’ll spray their hard-earned monies on them.

    They however asked for forgiveness for their misdeeds and even spoke in tongues then later jumped to display their skills after the praying session.

    See the video below…


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