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    Sonnie Badu Claims Foreign Countries Should Grant Visas To Gays And Lesbians

    A Ghanaian multiple award-winning gospel singer, songwriter, TV presenter, and author has come with his ideal about LGBTQ Rights.

    According to Sonnie Badu, All the foreign authorities who wants to impose LGBTQ rights on Africans should give the people who are interested in the LGBTQ and related activities in Ghana free visa to join them in their foreign countries.

    He added that this is the solution to all the arguments about the legislation of LGBTQ rights in Ghana.

    He emphasized that the reason why Africans get involved in the LGBTQ and its related activities is the hardship in Africa so they join in other to get money.

    In his post, he said, there are many relevant issues that are more than the LGBTQ rights in Ghana so for Ghanaians to get peace, they should go by his ideal.

    This is what he said:

    I think I have a solution for this LGBTQ buhaha going on in Ghana. It’s culture versus enforcement, so this is the solution since some of the ministers of state are being denied visa for this reason.

    All the foreign countries that want to enforce that law should make asylum visas available so those who are practicing it will travel to all respective countries to live permanently, and also get better medication for diseases like HIV, and better Mens dross should they need it … ( ?lol people go turn LGBT by force ) because life can be hell in Africa where basic human right privileges are denied;
    but on the serious note it will bring peace … lol
    Also from what I know a lot of young men got introduced to this by some rich men who promised to help them ? So most of the young men and women do it to survive.
    With this I believe there will be peace because there are more pressing issues in Ghana than this battle. #BaduWrites#SonnieBadu#DrBadu

    Read his post below:

    image Sonnie Badu Claims Foreign Countries Should Grant Visas To Gays And Lesbians


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