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    Slay Queen Long Artificial Nail Prevents Her From Enjoying A Bowl Of Fufu [video]

    Some women are truly suffering as a frustrated lady was sported in a video suffering from how she will go about eating a bowl of fufu at chop bar with her long nails

    The lady has made her nails long and Sharp and decided to eat fufu with the long nails at a chop bar

    This beautiful young lady didn’t think about the implications of making that long nails

    In the video, this beautiful lady and her friends ordered food, whiles her friends are happily enjoying their food, she was left with confusion about how she will use her long nails to eat

    The lady has the extremely long nails ever and she was prevented from enjoying her bowl of fufu

    The video was recorded by her friends as they tease her when she tried hard to eat the fufu but failed because of her long nails in the name of fashion

    Watch the video below:


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