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    SHS student expelled from school for having s3x with security guard

    SHS three student who is at the age of 16, has been sacked from school for having s3x repeatedly with security guard employed by the school

    Parents of this student have been pleading and crying to the school authorities after their daughter was expelled from high school in Zimbabwe

    According to the reporter, David Tembo is the name of the security guard and he has resigned after the student has been expelled from the school

    From the parents of the student, they don’t understand why Mr. Nomatamsanqa Kusena who is the Headteacher of the school protecting the security guard instead of their daughter.

    The father of the student voiced out that, it’s unfair for the school to expel his daughter instead of arresting the security guard

    He said, “The Headmistress is protecting a person who manipulated my daughter into sex.

    “Nothing has been done to him, and the head just wants us to go away.”

    “The security guy is someone who we entrust our kids with at the school and he is supposed to be a father figure. How could he do that to my daughter?”

    According to the security man, all these accusations are not true, they are just trying to disgrace him

    He told the journalists,  “I don’t know what you are talking about; yes I know her but the conversations you are referring to involve another guy.

    “It was my phone which was used to send the messages and I was also fixing her phone.

    “The school head Mrs. Kusena can testify because I explained everything to her.”

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