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    Sefa Kayi Quizzes Why People Are Being Arrested For ‘Small Wee’ While Other Countries Are Making Millions From It

    Renowned broadcast Journalist, Kwame Sefa Kayi has quizzed the leaders of Ghana on why they’re still waiting on the old laws that ban the use and possession of marijuana while other countries have moved on and making benefits from it.

    The morning show host of Accra-based Peace FM has explained that it’s now time for such law to be overlooked because other countries have seen the value in it and now making millions of dollars from its trade.

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    He emphasized that the green leaf has many uses but the people of Ghana only see the usage for recreation purposes hence making them blind to the other values of the herb especially the economic value in it.

    According to him, Ghanaians have zeroed in on other benefits of marijuana and only focusing on the smoking of the herb and before independence where they burn marijuana farms it’s still ongoing and people are being arrested despite seeing the medicinal value of it.

    Source: Docupdates

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