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    See How Much You’ll Pay For A New Ghana Card

    The National Identification Authority (NIA) has declared the new cost of the Ghana Card to those who are yet to register.

    The National Identification Authorities has come out with a new price for the Ghana Card to the people who failed to register during the nationwide registration.

    Mr. Abudu Abdul Ganiyu who is the Head of Corporate Affairs of NIA declared that, if you have lost your identity card and you need replacement then you have to pay GH¢ 150 per staff.

    He continued that, households who want to register their members will have to pay GH¢ 150.

    According to Mr. Abudu Abdul, the reason why they are serious about it is that, if you don’t have a Ghana card, it will affect you in many ways.

    First, you will not be able to open bank accounts

    Second, Ghanaians without the Ghana card will not able to buy land.

    Again, Ghanaians without the Ghana card will not able to register SIM cards and other relevant activities.

    So he is entreating everybody to register and take good care of the card because it will cost you to replace new when misplaced.

    He said, the NIA servers are resilient and will be able to take care of all the synchronization exercises with regard to the Social Security and National Trust (SSNIT) and the SIM card registration exercise director by the National Communications Authority (NCA) and others in the country and all these fees have been approved by the Parliament.

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