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    Satan Is Now Using My Sister Because Of Her Social Media Craze – Yaa Jackson’s Brother Reveals

    Yaa Jackson has put many people in a confused state over her sudden behavior change especially those who know her to be very cool now turned to a social media freak posting wild and revealing pictures and videos of herself.

    Just an eye blink Yaa Jackson known as an actress now has turned into a musician her sudden switch is very unusual as compared to other young female musicians. she joined the music industry with negative trend hence has held that style tight.

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    The lifestyle she portrays in her music career has brought worries to those that know her very well but the answer we have been looking for is here and it’s coming from his own younger brother.

    The biological brother of has Yaa Jackson known as Jackson k. Nyame ‘sherf’ revealed a deep secret about his sister, her music career, and her relationship with God in a recent interview.

    We all can witness that music is spiritually backed by God’s power or satan and his brother has disclosed that her sister’s passion for music is not backed by God’s spirit but the other way round.

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    He emphasized that her sister’s soul is not with God rather tied to the devil due to her social media craziness although her sister is now far from God every opportunity he tries to share the gospel with her.

    He also said her sister shares her scary dreams with him which he also interprets to her adding that her sister yaa is on her way to repent soon.

    Watch the video below…

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