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    Samini reveals his friendship with Stoneboy has collapsed

    Ghanaian Reggae and Dance hall recording artist Emmanuel Andrews Sammini, likewise referred to in front of an audience as Samini has revealed the current connection between himself and Stonebowy.

    In a meeting on Joy FM, Samini expressed that, dissimilar to those occasions when they used to cooperate and were extremely close, they are not as they used to be. As indicated by him, certain happenings after Stonebwoy turned into an autonomous craftsman have drawn them separated

    “I can honestly say on Joy FM that I’m too old to sit here and lie or throw dust in people’s eyes or fake. Me and my younger brother ain’t as nice as we use to be as I use to know him because of certain occurrences I did not expect during or along the line in our careers and he had become Independent and I was also still A-List,”

    Samini revealed that he used to have a decent affinity with Stonebwoy and has shielded him so often on various events so he was stunned when Stonebwoy said he was not there for him.

    He has a method of connecting me on a message and I have a method of advising him to chill off, perhaps don’t go on and on the radio, possibly do this, perhaps do that so on the off chance that I realize that I and you have that compatibility and I hear you on the radio say that when you really want me I’m not there it harms.

    “It makes me sick and breaks down like is he saying this to just keep the thing going? or is he saying that because now I don’t know what’s happening but it looks if I’m part of the thing then he doesn’t look as prominent in the room anymore because I didn’t get that response.”

    “I let that slide, then the main clash itself happened and you are on stage then Wale goes to select one of my songs then you take the mic and go like if you are gonna select a song, you are gonna select a song from a father who sold out his son. How did I sell out Stonebwoy?” he quizzed.


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