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    Sam George Grills CNN Presenter Over Anti-LGBTQ Bill, Says Ghana Is Not A Place For Lesbians And Gays

    The most trending news on social media is the criminalization of LGBTQ and its related activities, a Ghanaian politician Sam Nartey George who is representing Ningo-prampram constituency has come again and still holding his point that LGBTQ must be criminalized in the country.

    Ningo-prampram MP was interviewed on CNN which stands for Cable News Network to explain his point on the Anti-LGBTQ Bill which the Parliament of Ghana is about to do a discussion on it.

    According to the MP, he doesn’t support LGBTQ and he is looking forward to it being criminalized in the country hence was called on CNN for further explanation.

    This has become hard to determine as some people are arguing that, if they pass this Anti-LGBTQ then they are trying to go against human rights.

    During the interview, Sam George mentioned that this LGBTQ is not part of Ghanaians culture so they have to put a stop to it. They should not look at the side that it goes against human rights but they should make sure the Anti-LGBTQ Bill is passed.

    In the middle of the interview, they tried had to change his mindset but the MP stood on his grounds and defended his point that he will do anything in his power to put an end to LGBTQ and its related activities.

    A critical analysis has been done to prove that about 93% of Ghanaians want to get rid of LGBTQ from the country and they all supporting Sam George that the Anti-LGBTQ bill has to be passed.

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