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    Pharmacist Exposes Maurice Ampaw, Says He’s Gay As He Supplies Him Pills And Diapers [Video]

    A young man by the name Philip Nana Yaw Badu has accused Maurice Ampaw of being a gay. The man who’s a pharmacist boldly said he has been supplying the Lawyer with pills and pampers for his leaking backside as the result of ‘supi’ act.

    In the video, Philip revealed that as the Lawyer supports the legalization of LQBTQ+ is also a member of Gay society.

    The pharmacist claimed that because Lawyers Maurice is part of the gay group he is trying to make it legal hence he can participate fully thus his recent comment.

    Philip also went on to reveal that the lawyer has been doing this abominable act for some time now resulted in his @nus drip.

    The pharmacist disclosed that he has been working for both lawyers Maurice and his gay partner Isaac for long and knows every step about him.

    The pharmacist revealed a lot of things about the Lawyer in the video

    Watch the video below…

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