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    Paul Adom-Otchere refutes ‘propaganda’ around purchase of Christmas trees at KIA

    The Ghana Airport Company’s Board Chairman, Paul Adom Otchere, has denied reports that the company spent GHS84,000 on four Christmas trees over the holiday season.

    According to a Facebook user, the corporation paid GHS84,000 for the trees but did not pay staff wages on time. Mr. Paul Adom Otchere, in a Facebook comment, believes the accusations are false.

    The host of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana argues that the corporation purchased the trees for GHS34,000 and at a “huge discount.”

    “The lovely Christmas tree at Terminal 3 and three others cost GHC 34,000 in total, which was generously given by Jandel Limited at a substantial discount.” (We are grateful to Jandel Limited.)”

    “Favors and Arts supplied the other ideas at a total cost of GHC 84,000, of which GHC 50,000 was gained via sponsorship.”

    Mr. Paul Adom Otchere also denied reports that the company’s employees had not been paid in December. “All pay and/or bonuses owed to employees for the month of December have been paid.”

    He further said that suggestions that invoices for the trees were made in his name were false.

    Read Full Statement Below

    Dear folks, my attention has been drawn to a social media post (herein attached ) grossly misrepresenting facts about Christmas inspirations that were mounted at the Kotoka International Airport.

    Here are the facts:

    FACT: The Ghana Airports Company Limited has for many years mounted Christmas inspirations around the terminal area to create a festive atmosphere for passengers and their families coming into the country.

    FACT: The total expenditure of 2021 is the lowest since 2016.

    FACT: Two separate suppliers were invited to submit bids. The bids were discussed and discounts obtained. ( We are grateful to Jandel Limited and Favors and Arts )

    FACT: The beautiful Christmas tree standing at Terminal 3 and 3 others altogether cost GHC 34,000, which was graciously provided by Jandel Limited at a heavy discount. (We thank Jandel Limited)

    FACT: The other inspirations were provided by Favors and Arts for a total cost of GHC 84,000 out of which GHC 50,000 was obtained via sponsorship.

    FACT: All salaries and or bonuses due staff for December have been paid.

    It is ridiculous for anyone to say that the invoices from these two reputable companies were issued in the name of the Board Chairman, that just means the author of such spurious allegations has insufficient acquaintance with corporate workings.

    We will like to urge the general public to disregard these unfounded allegations. The GACL has a fully operational corporate affairs department that is able to attend to all public enquiries.

    We will like to assure the general public that we are fiercely committed to support the Hon Minister of Transport to achieve President Akufo-Addo’s vision for the airport, the vision contained in clear directions is to “make all Ghana airports an important symbol for our national development agenda”.

    That is our focus for which we require prayers and support . Amen

    Source: Docupdates

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