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    Pastor slaps groom for ‘over’ kissing bride in church [video]

    A groom received a hot smack from a minister after the last option expressed the well-known ‘you might kiss’ the lady mantra in the chapel during his wedding.

    He continued to adjust to this antiquated wedding custom by locking lips with the lady of the hour, presently his significant other however the minister unexpectedly halted him for presumably trying too hard by giving him a thump (looks more like a slap according to our perspective).

    The video has started an enormous discussion on the web as numerous netizens are not intrigued with the activity of the godly man.

    Some of them don’t understand why the minister slapped this young man who was only trying to enjoy himself at his wedding celebration

    Others have also burst into laughter because they could not believe what happened over there

    Watch the video underneath;



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