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    Pastor reveals if his follow pastors didn’t succeed in Nigeria then they can’t succeed in Canada

    A man of God has released some piece of advice to his fellow colleagues who think they can’t succeed in doing ministry in Nigeria

    According to the man of God, if you are a pastor in Nigeria and you can’t succeed, when you travel to Canada still you can’t make it there

    He continued that, he is not cursing his fellow pastors but God is everywhere and he knows why he brought you into the location you are right now

    In the process of delivering his speech, he voiced out that, A lizard in Nigeria cannot be a crocodile in Canada

    He declared that “Let me tell you something. All of you said you want to go to Canada. It’s not a curse but you cannot make it there.

    “You know why? It’s because you didn’t make it to Nigeria. A lizard in Nigeria cannot become a crocodile in Canada.”

    Watch the video beneath;


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