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    Old shoemaker breaks down in tears after Osebo the Zara Man dashes him Ghc50 (video)

    A video shared by Osebo The Zara Man in the early hours of Thursday, January 20, 2022, touched a lot of hearts.

    Osebo the Zara Man could be seen in the video comforting an elderly shoemaker who was crying uncontrollably after receiving Ghc50.

    The elderly shoemaker had not envisioned receiving such a sum from a stranger, and as a result, he sobbed.

    Life was certainly difficult for this elderly gentleman, as his job is not well compensated, particularly in rural areas, and therefore receiving Ghc50 from someone you rarely know is more of a miracle.

    The elderly gentleman had undoubtedly prayed to God for assistance, and at that very moment, assistance arrived from an unexpected source, leaving him with no choice but to succumb.

    This occurs to us as humans, and it causes us to consider our own deservingness of God’s love and mercy.

    Watch the video below…

    Source: Docupdates

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