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    Oh, Poverty! Man Captured Stealing Roasted Corn By The Roadside [Video]

    Another video has been trending on social media as a fresh young man caught stealing roasted corn by the roadside.

    Ghanaians are shocked as they watched a video of a young handsome man stealing just roasted corn by the roadside.

    Things that some peoples think its shameful act for them to do are not shameful to others peoples.

    Today’s youth are passing through a hardship economy so they have to do everything possible to put food in their mouth.

    Some are caught stealing relevant things like phones, laptops, and money but this man went low to the extent that he chooses to steal only one roasted corn.

    In the video, this young man was standing beside a roasted corn seller and this man was able to remove one of the roasted corn silently and made his way across the street.

    check the video below:

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