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    ‘No Ghana Card, No Salary’ Placed On Hold By Controller

    The Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) released a statement ordering all public sectors workers to register the Ghana card or sanctions will be taken against their salaries has been suspended.

    They released the news after the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, Ministry of Finance and CAGD and the leadership of organized labour representing pubic sector workers held a great meeting on the CAGD payroll

    According to the statement, the Controller and Accountant General Department has been assigned to transfer the names of public sector workers in their existing database onto the National Identification Authority (NIA) system and alarm all the unregistered staff through their institutions.

    Some government workers and unions still don’t understand why they have suspended it whiles some also have raised an issue that, have they cancelled it or they have extended the time.

    According to the Head of Public Relations at CADG, he has drawn their attention that still the directive won’t change because it is the best way to address challenges in the government’s payroll system

    However, the CADG has suspended this directive on Tuesday 19 October 2021

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