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    Nana Aba Anamoah Claims She’s Not Worried Despite Being 47 Years But Not Married

    Award-winning media personality Nana Aba Anomoah has come with a response to her fans and family members on the issue of her not getting married.

    Nana Aba Anomoah is a TV3 news presenter with the age of 47 years and her fans and family members are insisting that she should get married because she is getting old.

    According to her, marriage is not a great deal and at some point in time, every woman chooses the way that she will live her life.

    Nana Aba Anomoah had an interview recently on Accra FM on the same topic about her marriage because she is getting old.

    According to this presenter, marriage is not meant for everyone because, in this world, we don’t have a common goal and different people are full of different dreams and interests.

    she said that: “Why will i be worried. Are you worried that you are not dead? Exactly, So why should i be worried to get married? No one can be forced to get married.

    “I don’t think there is anyone in this world who would not want to get married in their life, and there is also no one who can say that getting married solves all your problems in life. If it happens, it happens.

    “There are people who are married and are very happy in their life, and there are others who are also married and want out of the relationship immediately.”

    watch the interview below:


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