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    “My colleagues gang-up against my progress” -MzGee reveals why she left Multimedia and TV3

    Media personality MzGee has uncovered the reasons why she left multimedia and TV3

    According to her, she left the multimedia because some of her colleagues teamed up to pull down her progress.

    During an interview with Delay, her colleague Doreen Avio came out as of the workers who were fighting against her progress but she has apologized publicly to her.

    Delay questioned MzGee that, what did Doreen Avio did to her and she responded that, she wanted to summarize every as when people knew where you will reach in life, they wouldn’t have treated you badly.

    She added that the reason they teamed up against her was that, she was flourishing in the media very early so her co-workers gang up to fight against her progress.

    She indicated that she was really enjoying her time at TV3 but she quit her job there just start a business on her own and she has opened a YouTube channel and she is also about to do many businesses which are early to let know.

    Watch the video below:


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