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    “Movie producers took advantage of me and and my colleagues” – Yvonne Nelson

    Ghanaian actress cum model Yvonne Nelson has disclosed how some Ghanaian movie producers maltreated her other colleagues when they joined the industry.

    Yvonne Nelson is recently on a movie tour to promote her movie which will commence on the 14th of February 2021, with the title “The men we love”.

    Screenshot-2022-02-03-041717 "Movie producers took advantage of me and and my colleagues" - Yvonne Nelson

    Yvonne Nelson was interviewed on Metro TV and she revealed why some of the movie producers treated her badly.

    She continued that, now she has become a movie producer, she won’t maltreat any of her actresses and actors.

    She voiced out that, “The men we love” has spoken about how they were taken advantage of by movie producers.

    “We were cheated. I believe the movie producers back in the day took advantage of us. We deserved more and we didn’t get it. To me as a producer, I have learned not to step on anyone’s toes to treat people better, to pay people, to feed my cast, my crew…so yeah it’s better with me. I don’t know about other producers, I do my best. I don’t get investors, I fund my movies:


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