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    “Most Of Gov’t Decisions Are Made Based On Assumptions” – Lydia Forson

    Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has expressed her idea about the 2022 budget presented by the government

    According to her, the government has disconnected from the people and makes its own decisions without confronting the people

    She added that the leaders leading the country are blinded by the privilege given to them by the people

    They make decisions with assumptions without engaging the ideas of the people who elected them on power

    She said “You see, the problem with a government-run by mostly elitists is that they’re completely disconnected from the people. So a lot of their decisions are made based on assumptions without engagement/experience of the common way of life. Privilege can be so blinding”.

    The Finance minister declares that “It is becoming clear there exist the enormous potential to increase tax revenues by bringing into the tax bracket, transactions that could be best defined as being undertaken in the ‘informal economy”.

    The minister explained that a 1.75% levy will be replaced on all electronic transactions which will help improve the development of the country

    “After considerable deliberations, the government has decided to place a levy on all electronic transactions to widen the tax net and rope in the informal sector. This shall be known as the “Electronic Transaction Levy or E-Levy’.”

    Ghanaians seem not interested in the 2022 budget presented by the Finance minister on Wednesday in Parliament

    Check out the post below:

    Screenshot-2021-11-20-151118 "Most Of Gov't Decisions Are Made Based On Assumptions" - Lydia Forson


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